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Highlights from Kelson.Common (Part 2: Events)

Using my own event bus implementation has been an empowering experience. Get an overview here

Embracing Async/Await in WPF

Async/Await in WPF can be a pain, causing deadlocks and breaking the ‘async stack.’ Read how Kelson.Common.Async provides a solution that has worked well for me.

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Regolith: Adding a type sytem to Lua (Part 1)

Lua is a delightful and simple language, but it suffers many of the scaling pains that JavaScript is now growing out of

JavaScript : Lua :: TypeScript : ?Regolith?

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Highlights from Kelson.Common (Part 1: Async)

Here is the first post in my series highlighting my favorite parts of my Kelson.Common packages.

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Human Learning

Check out my lighting talk I gave at the #ML4ALL machine learning conference in Portland

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